How long will therapy last?
Therapy can range from short-term to long-term, depending on the length and severity of the problem. Cognitive therapy can be very rapid for many problems (2 to 6 months). Schema Therapy, because it is dealing with lifelong problems, often is longer (one to two years).

How frequently do I need to come to therapy?
The majority of clients come to therapy once per week. Some clients come more frequently while others come less (every other week). You and your therapist will discuss the appropriate frequency for you.

How long is a session?
A typical session is about an hour.

I am not free during the day. Do you have evening appointments?

Do you take insurance?
All of our therapists are licensed in New York State but are not “in-network” providers. However, many clients receive insurance reimbursement by utilizing out-of-network benefits. A receipt is provided to clients at each session with all information required by insurance carriers for reimbursement.

Do you have any groups?
We do not have any group therapy at this time.

What if I need medications?
We work with very experienced psychiatrists for medication evaluation and management. We will facilitate a referral to an appropriate psychiatrist when needed.

How experienced are the therapists?
The therapists have many years of experience. All have worked very closely with Dr. Jeffrey Young in teaching and developing the Schema Therapy model. We do not have interns, residents, or students conducting therapy.

I’m currently in therapy with somebody and don’t want to stop. However, I might want to have cognitive or schema therapy. Is that possible?
Yes. Often, clients have a good therapeutic relationship that they wish to maintain. However, their therapist may have a different specialization. In most cases, we will be happy to work with you and your current therapist.

I’m not quite sure if I have anything “wrong” with me, but I think I might want to come to therapy. Is that okay?
Of course. Sometimes people have a sense that things could be better, but they aren’t able to name it specifically. Therapy can help identify and address those issues.

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