Some of the Problems Treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(Also Known as CBT or Cognitive Therapy)

Anxiety or worry, panic attacks, intense fears of specific objects, places, things, or ideas, feeling down, blue, or depressed, problems with anger, trouble sleeping, feeling overly stressed, difficulty saying ‘no’ or telling others what you want, needing help with social skills, time management, procrastination, eating disorders or weight management, intrusive thoughts and/or repetitive behaviors (such as counting, checking, or washing), plus many other problems.

How we can help:

Our cognitive behavioral therapy, NYC, practitioners are highly experienced and extensively trained. We provide short-term, problem-focused, empirically-based treatments that can produce rapid improvement in your symptoms, as well as reduce the recurrence of those symptoms in the future.

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you don’t pay the therapist to passively sit back while you make painfully slow progress. Our cognitive behavioral therapists actively provide direction and guidance. Specific empirically-based strategies, tools and techniques are offered to help you achieve your treatment goals. Our therapists work collaboratively with you to determine the most effective solutions to your problems. Direct feedback from the client is welcomed and encouraged.

In cognitive therapy, we help you recognize and change thinking patterns and behaviors related to your problems.

  • Cognitive therapists actively help clients to discover patterns of thinking and behaving that may be causing or exacerbating problems
  • Cognitive therapists engage clients as active participants by assigning therapeutic homework
  • Cognitive Therapy focuses on the resolution of current, specific problems
  • Cognitive therapists make joint decisions with the client and regularly ask for feedback to maintain a high degree of collaboration and empathy

Cognitive Therapy was developed at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the 1970s by Aaron T. Beck, M.D., in response to his dissatisfaction with traditional approaches to psychotherapy. Since that time, over 400 outcome studies at academic centers worldwide have demonstrated the effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression and an extensive list of other disorders. It is the most widely researched of all modern psychotherapies and is used to treat a wide variety of problems experienced by individuals, couples, and families.

Our senior therapists are Founding Fellows of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.  This Academy was started by Dr. Aaron Beck and is the organization that sets the standards for cognitive therapists.

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